A revolution of digital assets handling, it’s the end of manual verification

Fast, secure and reliable

No more manual and time consuming processes

Latest technology of verification

A new way to verify digital assets where integrity is at the highest level


A blockchain-powered record keeping & sharing platform that offers users a well-structured, secure, and easily accessible record keeping model. The platform can be used  for organizations, institutions, and individuals to securely store and access verifiable digital assets such as land titles, college degrees, digital Intellectual Properties (IPs), ownership certificates and will documents. Nidcert intuitive cloud-based platform allows securing, tracking and sharing incredibly easy and highly secure.

Nidcert – Making Digital Documents Verifiable

By integrating your documents with our blockchain-powered platform, Nidcert can serve as an effective tool for storing and generating proof-of-existence, proof-of-integrity, and proof-of-authenticity of a record, document, file, degree and certificate quickly without the need of a third party.

What is NIDCERT for?


Record Keeping

Nidcert is blockchain-powered digital assets storage solution. It is a revolutionized approach to physical and digital record management with unmatched security and cutting edge-technology.

Supply Chain Management

Characterized by a decentralized model, Nidcert support active management of supply chain activities geared towards maximising customer value to provide a competitive advantage.

Smart Contracts

Self-executing contracts powered by blockchain technology. Contracts deployed as computer code, stored, replicated and supervised by network of computers that run the blockchain. Such contracts can be used to automate verification and distribution of digital documents.

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