Equipped with knowledge of system development, we are prepared to provide extensive training not just for our collaborators but also our clients. Technology packed system has its own way of using it, with the help of our experienced team it will become much easier

Research & Development

At Nidcert we believe every idea has its value & every idea should be given the opportunity to shine. Nidcert consists of experienced team, forward thinker & people with passion just to ensure that every idea is well-crafted & translated.

Our company rose from this competitive industry not by doing it the easy way, but by facing the challenges and not giving up.

Application Development

Application development is one of the main foundation of our business model. For any parties interested in developing an application either for web platform or mobile platform, we have the resources.

Our team is constantly working with the latest technology of developing application to ensure that every application design, flow & performance stay up-to-date.

IT Consultation

Since Malaysia is a developing country, it has become a technology hub for some industry. At our company, IT consultation is one of the services that we offer to our clients. IT consultation involves very detailed process & complex procedure, and we train our IT staff to handle every task efficiently & effectively.